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The global reach of John Banville's imagination The global reach of John Banville's imagination Although regarded as a quintessentially European writer, his imagination has occasionally crossed the Atlantic. Exile of one kind or another is a ... OSCAR WILDE AND A GAME CALLED MURDER by Gyles Brandreth ... Life fatally imitates a Wildean divertissement. With the theatrical triumph of Lady Windermere's Fan and his infatuation with Lord Alfred "Bosie" Douglas in full flower, Oscar Wilde possesses a joie de vivre that's palpable, according to his confidant and biographer Robert Sherard, whose plummy voice tells the story.

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We are far more Wildean in this regard than we are Lawrentian and have become - in Nietzschean terms - superficial out of profundity. Personally, I think this is a good thing and much prefer Lawrence when he sticks to the surface, writing about the importance of fashion for example, than when he indulges in folk psychology and starts ... Because The Price of Salt is a Highsmith fairy tale, there are a few irregularities. The two heroines prefer each other to any of their attendant males (or females). The seesaw of their love balances itself on dominance and submission and teeters, refreshingly, back and forth between the two women. Science and Literature Reading Group: June 2010 Details of the literary events planned as part of the Royal Society's 350th anniversary celebrations on the South Bank next week can be found here.They include appearances by Jocelyn Bell-Burnell and Jamie McKendrick, Gabriel Weston, Adam Foulds and Samantha Harvey, a discussion on science fiction, and a family poetry workshop. Which Side are You On? A Roundtable - There are lesbians in the book, and it was an attempt to address in a very nineteenth-century Wildean way what were at the time these very taboo sub-cultures and diversions. There is a sense of characters, including the ones that are overtly female, they kind of read like, you know, dialogues and characterizations kind of read like men.

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Use an editor to spell check essay. Born in Dublin in 1854, Oscar Wilde was the son of prominent and affluent parents; when he was nine, his father received a knighthood. Wilde's social class would be strongly determining not only of his targets for satire, but of a casual extravagance in matters of romance that would contribute to his downfall.

"Knox's daring new biography of Oscar Wilde has much in common with its subject: the book is shocking, irreverent, witty, and eloquent. Knox, conscious that she is writing 'the first full-length psychoanalytic biography' of Wilde, probes deep into his past to discover the unconscious origins of Wilde's work. . . .

Sempers, an undergraduate, actually once wrote quite a fine essay for the Harvard Monthly on Whitman, an essay Whitman biographer Jerome Loving calls "one of the earliest attempts by someone outside Whitman's various circles of support to identify what is most admirable about Leaves of Grass."42 We also know, because Sempers once tried to get ... Laurels / Inside CSULB Frederick Wegener, English, published an essay, "Elizabeth Stuart Phelps and the Advent of the Woman Doctor in America," in the spring 2005 issue of Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers. His Penguin Classics edition of Sarah Orne Jewett's novel A Country Doctor (1884) has been published by Penguin Group USA. Perry Meisel: Let a Hundred Isms Blossom The story begins in Paris, with the publication of Roland Barthes's essay ''The Death of the Author'' in 1968. A witty, Wildean performer, Barthes wasn't really dumb enough to believe that there weren't people writing the books that carried their names (Woolf, Shakespeare, Kathy Acker).

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Perhaps the foregoing questions are for the reader to answer, though whether, as a group, the readers of an essay are any more trustworthy than the revolutionary mob is possibly a moot point. In any event, I can say with complete certainty that my argument with the great GKC is offered in the spirit with which he would have approved. Ben Hecht's Hard-Boiled Decadence: The Flaneur as Reporter This essay illustrates how Ben Hecht's short stories in The Little Review and the Chicago Daily News crucially expand the scope of burgeoning research into post-Wildean, American Decadence. These works (written between 1915 and 1921) have been over-shadowed by Hecht's later Hollywood career to the point where they have all-but eluded ... Talk:Lee Harvey Oswald/Archive 12 - Wikipedia And, if the photos and x-rays were indeed faked, he provides a link to an essay which spells out who and how many would have had to have been involved in such a conspiracy. Further, a link to the 1967 report of the three autopsy surgeons after seeing the autopsy photographs, vouching for their authenticity. [sic]: Wilde Nostalgia Queer Tradition in Beverley Nichols's ...

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